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Types of Drug Testing in Murfreesboro

Drug & Alcohol Testing Types

Different business applications and varying circumstances require different testing strategies and different types of drug and alcohol tests. ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro has the knowledge and experience to know best practices and which tests are best for particular applications. Their professionally trained technicians will advise you on the best options for your situation or application. Then they will administer that testing protocol in compliance with best practices.

Depending on the circumstances, optimal drug testing and targeted results may be achieved through urine tests, blood tests, oral fluid (saliva), hair tests, sweat patch and fingernail drug testing. The detection window, the immediacy of the results required, and what drug or substance is being tested determines which testing method is most applicable. ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro technicians will help you choose the right test for your application.

Oral Fluid Testing

Oral fluid testing is used when you need to know about drug or alcohol use within the past 24-48 hours . . .

Sweat Patch Drug Testing

Sweat patches are a used for 24/7 substance use monitoring and are not affected by passive exposure to drugs . . .

Hair Strand Testing

Hair strand testing is a non-intrusive method that can turn back the clock on drug use . . .

Passive Exposure

Passive exposure to the use and manufacture of certain drugs can be very dangerous for children and adults alike . . .

TPA Collections

Get rid of the headache of administering your drug-free program by using a third party administrator (TPA) . . .

Nail Drug Testing

Nail drug testing is convenient, non-intrusive, and can test for more long term use . . .

Urine Testing Lab

Urinalysis is one of the most commonly used methods of drug testing . . .

ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro Drug Testing

Consider the following questions before calling for a drug test:

  • When do you need the results? (in a few days, or immediately).
  • How far back do you need to determine drug use? (a few days or a few months).
  • What types of drugs you are trying to detect? (prescription or synthetic drugs, or natural drugs of abuse).
  • Can the subject come to the lab or do you need mobile services?
  • What will the results be used for? Employment decisions? Other business considerations or applications? Court or judicial proceedings?

Knowing what you want and need will help the ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro team determine the best drug test for you.

ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro Alcohol Testing

Timing and speed are the determining factors of the type of alcohol test you need. ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro offers a variety of tests based on those needs. Here are some of our capabilities:

  • Urine analysis, including EtG and EtS testing.
  • Oral fluid (saliva) testing.
  • Breath alcohol testing.
  • Blood testing for alcohol.
  • Post-accident (and mobile) alcohol testing.
  • Hair and nail testing.
  • DOT alcohol testing.

ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro will consider all applicable factors to your situation or application and advise you on the most appropriate alcohol testing service for your immediate needs.

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ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro can help determine what types of drugs and alcohol testing services are best for your immediate needs.

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