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Court-Admissible vs. Non-Court Admissible in Murfreesboro

Court Admissible vs. Non-Court Admissible DNA Testing

Certain legal situations, including child support hearings, divorce proceedings, custody battles, and more, may be very easity resolved with reliable DNA testing results. But whether the court agrees the test was reliable, and therefore admissible into the case, depends on how the test was performed. For a relationship test to be admissible in court, tests and results must be handled according to certain (legal) procedures, which are adhered to by our DNA testing labs.

Properly executed and documented “chain of custody” procedures is what makes the difference between DNA testing results courts will admit, and those they will not.. Courts require a rigid process be followed to ensure accuracy. This includes properly handling and documenting DNA testing specimens through the entire process, from collections to testing to results transmission.

Choose ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro to Ensure Court Admissibility

You may consider trying to save money by doing a mail order or other do-it-yourself type DNA test. If the only reason you want a test is your personal curiosity, a do-it-yourself or mail order test might be good enough. But if there’s even the slightest chance you will want to use the results in court for any reason (paternity, child support, inheritance, social security or veterans benefits, etc.), make sure your lab testing provider is properly trained and qualified to do the process properly. The best way to do that is to choose ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro.

ARCpoint Labs of Murfreesboro follows all procedural guidelines in DNA collection for relationship testing. Our staff members are trained in accordance with the collection guidelines established by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for court admissible DNA testing.

Whether you are pursuing a DNA test for personal reasons or for a legal matter, court admissible DNA testing will allow you to use the results if needed in legal proceedings. When verifying a biological relationship, it is good to pursue the DNA testing that can be court admissible down the line if the need arises.

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